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01 Basic Web

Responsive Website

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The Project

We had to design a responsive website from a given style. I got Organic Design with Saul Bass' style as the main focus.

And from that DesignSaul was born.

The name DesignSaul is a play on Saul Bass' name and the word Soul, since Saul Bass really is the soul of the style.

What did I learn?

I haven't done any coding in 1.5 years when I started in KEA, so it was a bit hard to get started and get my rytme back. Still working on that.

The most challenging?

Learning the "new" grid system was a bit hard to begin with, and I shot myself in the foot since I re-did my first mobile version design and when I coded the new design I coded desktop first.

Coding from big to small is a LOT of work.

See the final website