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04 Basic UX 04.01 & 04.02

Native app & Theme documentation

Simon greeting you
Native App: Prototype

The Project

We had tried to redesign Fronter in the Design Sprint assignment.

This time we had to design a native app version, using Xd to prototype it. We where free to do what ever we wanted, as long as it was relavant to the clients wished for Fronter and your previous research about the users.

After the app …

… we had to write and upload the theme documentation for Basic UX.

Theme Documentation

What did I learn?


Sorry did not mean to shout. I learned that the books are worth gold. I used them to refresh what we learned and especially the design sprint was nice to go back to and re-read the steps and details again.

I've also gotten a taste for UX design and finally found something where we love for brainstorming and talking about developing is a job.

I used the whiteboard when we did the usermap, and it gives a great freedom to edit quickly.

Same with the storyboard, the whiteboard made it easy to get our design on and to draw missing elements.

The most challenging?

For this one the language barrier is the hardest. We had some discussions where people where saying the same thing but in different ways. So I had to step in a couple of times to explain that they where agreeing with each other.

It helped when we got to the sketcing part since the visuals makes it easier for people to understand each others points.

Native App: Prototype Theme Documentation