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04 Basic UX 02.01 & 03.01

Design Sprint

Simon greeting you
Xd Prototype

The Project

I've never heard anybody say they love Fronter, and I tolerate it myself.

So when we had the job of redesigning one key function from Fronter from what Frederikke wanted to be focused on, it sounds like a dream assignment.

First we had in groups of 5 - 6 people design what we felt was the best solution according to the research we did the previous week.

You can read the theme documentation in the Native App Project.

Part One: Prototype

After we did a design sprint to get the design down, we each create a prototype in Xd with our own interpretation of the sketches and comments.

Part Two: Coding the prototype

After that was done we coded the design.

Web Prototype

What did I learn?

Buy the books!

I bought the Design Sprint book which helped me a lot to understand the assignment, and how to make it work. Unfortunally I got the e-book which saved me money but it's DRM protected which ment I had to find special reader first to unlock it.

Then I found it kinda difficult to read it on my Phone since page 50 could be 5 - 6 scrolls on the phone, making it easy to lose the overview of the subject in the book.

We also had to use GitHub for this assignment, and because of my folder stucture ment that I had to go through ALL my files for different site to only mark this project.

I've added the GitHub link, but be warned, was not a fan at the time.

Xd Prototype Web Prototype GitHub: Prototype