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'The Girl' — a Story Without Words

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The Project

We had to create a short story lasting around 1.5 minutes, and do so using no words

I had the idea to make a "boy meets girl" story, but have it be creepy/stalker and with no happy end.

What did I learn?

I learned that I love to work with actors!

I've been doing a bit of YouTube for a year now, and I've only been able to be a one-man-crew, so having other people act where I "only" had to direct and film was sooo nice

The most challenging?

We had a short amount of time to create the story and shoot, since Liliya had to work the day we started, and Dom was going home to Greze, the week after meaning we had 1 day to shoot everything.

I created a shot list with all the shots I needed in editing.

Then we created the probs we needed and found the locationen we needed, and shot the scenes where Liliya's was in, because we only had around 58 minutes left with her at that point.

Then I shot Dom's soloe scenes. First the ones outside to keep the same light as Liliya's scenes and then the indoor ones.

'The Girl' — a Story Without Words

Bonus (Danish):

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