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Simon greeting you
The Prototype

The Project

We decided if we wanted to code or design, and put our name on a piece of paper and then the teachers had one designer pull names from the "hats" so each group had 3 designer and 3 coders

I was one of the coders and we where given the task of creating a microsite that focused on biking in Denmark

We then created the fictional company "Bike Your Way".

The video

Together with designing the site, we also had to create a video that was about 1 minute long.

Before shooting we had to do a treatment for the story, which you can read below or in the bottom of the page.

Read the treatment

After that my team shot the video in the weekend, where I had plans so I couldn't join which may have helped when I edited the video later on.

Read the Documentation

What did I learn?

It was with this project I really got a feel for Xd as a tool, and began to love it.

It's quick to design a website where it's also quick to get the information I need to code, like sizes and spaces between objects.

The most challenging?

I had some problems getting the level buttons to work as I wanted, and in the end I scapped the idea and did something similar that also worked as intended

The Prototype Read the Documentation Read the treatment Try the Microsite