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03 Basic Animation 03.03 & 03.04

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The Project

We where given a pdf with different assignment connected to JavaScript.

The assignment had a minimum objective and an advanced you could do.

What did I learn?

I learned that my brain don't work very well after 12 work hours of JavaScript.

We did the Interactive Animation before these two day, and I sat with the JS from 8 in the morning to 20 in the evening getting it to work.

I then tried to code from home and after 2 hours not getting the most simple script to work, I stopped and did some lessons on FreeCodeCamp instead.

On day two, I had the energy to get up at 5 in the morning so I can get to school at 8, and there I found why my code didn't work. Instead of <script> I've written <style>. My brain was melted.

I ended up doing 1 simple project and creating a small webpage for it.

The most challenging?

I have a hard time with JS, and a lot of the tutorials show how to but not why.

This is still my biggest problem, but learning the skeleton way to plan chains and flow charts has been a great help for the final animation project.

Check the project