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03 Basic Animation 03.02

Interactive Animation

Simon greeting you
Try the story (tablet and up)

The Project

In groups of two we had to create a small interactive story using an exsisting story.

Me and my teamate Renāte Meimere chose to do a quick version of Aladdin.

What did I learn?

I had to show Renāte, how to do some basic animation in Photoshop and how to make them into a spritesheet, but after that she worked well and she found almost all the assets we needed for the story. Showing me I don't need to baby people.

The most challenging?

For me getting the animation and JavaScript to work was the hardest parts, and we still had some problems with the audio repeating. I later found out that, that is was because of animationend and the use of transition that did it, so I now test using console.log, when doing similar projects.

Try the story (tablet and up)