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03 Basic Animation 04.05 & 04.06

Animated Story

Simon greeting you
Try the story (tablet and up)

The Project

We had to created an animated story using a given style and then choose the scene we wanted to make.

The Style, the scene and the ambitions!

We was given the style collage, and choose the final scene from the movie Titanic, we chose that since it's was a movie we all knew.

What did I learn?

We had some big ambissions for the project and in the end had to cut away a lot of "nice to haves" otherwise we would have no project to show.

The most challenging?

I did a lot of project management on this one, and I learned to trust more in the work of the people I work with.

I also have a habbit of being too ambitious with my own project and push my self, but for this I needed to take into account the skills of the team, since this would be too big to solo.

We got a finished project and I've really started to enjoy working with JavaScript

The documentation (Screen Cast)

Try the story (tablet and up)